Men's Corduroy Trousers

At Joseph Turner, we offer classic men's corduroy trousers cut from fabric woven by Brisbane Moss of Lancashire, who have been weaving corduroy for centuries. Our men's cords aren't the only trousers we offer. For more in our trouser range, browse our flannel and cavalry twill trousers too.

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Trousers Fit for a King. Corduroys.

Trousers Fit for a King. Corduroys.

Originally thought to have derived from the French 'corde du roi' or 'cloth of the king', the term 'corduroy' is now believed to have come from the word 'cord' referring to its 'wale' and 'duroy', a coarse woollen fabric made in England in the 18th century.  


Heritage - our corduroy trousers are made from a cotton cord fabric woven by Brisbane Moss of Lancashire, who have been weaving corduroy since the 19th century. A great believer in quality and tradition, Brisbane Moss still use weaving techniques that stretch back, unchanged for decades and use only the finest quality available yarns and dyes.


Natural Properties of Corduroy - although a naturally warm fabric, much worn in the winter months, cotton corduroy absorbs and releases moisture quickly, allowing the fabric to 'breathe', ensuring the wearer is both warm and comfortable.  It is also a very hardwearing cloth that is constructed from twisted fibres that when woven lie in parallel rows known as 'cords' or 'wales', that lend the fabric its soft velvet-like feel.


Quality Craftmanship - our traditional heavyweight classic corduroy trousers are cut from 8-wale European cotton corduroy, woven by Brisbane Moss of Lancashire.  Our needlecord trousers offer a lighter alternative and are cut from 11-wale European cotton needlecord, also woven by Brisbane Moss.


Caring for Corduroy - with the right care, a good-quality pair of men’s corduroy trousers will last for many seasons. They are usually machine-washable (inside out) at 40 degrees, or according to the instructions on the manufacturer's label. As corduroy attracts lint, it is a good idea to wash them separately.  


Sometimes people prefer to wash corduroy by hand. If you are choosing to do so, the corduroy should be carefully soaked in warm water. Avoid harsh scrubbing of the material and do not wring the material, as this can twist the wales.


If ironing is required, place a sheet between the iron and the corduroy to ensure the fabric remains undamaged.