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At Joseph Turner, we offer a wide range of men's knitwear, which includes men's jumpers, slipovers, and more. All of the pieces you see here are luxuriously soft and can be worn over one of our casual shirts with jeans, or smartened up with a pair of flannel trousers.

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  1. Lambswool Jumper - Half Zip - Dark Blue

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Men's Knitwear. The Natural Properties of Wool and Cotton.

Men's Knitwear. The Natural Properties of Wool and Cotton.

Lambswool - The most popular choice of wool for men’s knitwear, lambswool comes from the first shearing of a sheep, at about seven months old. The fresh wool is shorter than that from an adult sheep and is renowned for its incredible softness. Lambswool also has excellent insulating properties; it is breathable and regulates heat to provide exceptional warmth in the winter while remaining cool in the summer.

Merino wool - the fibres of merino wool are finer and more delicate than those of other wools, lending it a fantastic softness, shine and breathability. These natural properties mean that merino wool has an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio that make it a superb choice for smart, lighter knitwear.

Shetland wool - Shetland sheep are celebrated for the range of beautiful natural shades of wool they produce. It is this characteristic that gives Shetland knitwear its unique almost flecked appearance, even when dyed. Shetland wool is soft, strong and very warm, making it an ideal choice of men’s knitwear for the colder months.

Cotton - cotton is a very versatile fabric for men's knitwear. It can be worn directly against the skin and tends to be cooler than most types of wool, making it a perfect choice of knitwear for the warmer months.