Caring for Your Cashmere Jumpers

Cashmere is an investment and should be looked after accordingly. To make your men's cashmere jumpers last for years to come, follow our easy care guide below.

Care Guide

How to Wash Cashmere

Step 1 - Lay your jumper flat and brush over with a cashmere comb to remove any pilling.

Step 2 - Gently wash your garment, inside out, in lukewarm water with a cashmere detergent. Carefully move it around the water, without pulling or stretching the fabric. After about 5 minutes, remove and rinse in a separate basin, in cool water.

Step 3 - Squeeze out any excess water, but do not wring it. Lay the garment flat on a clean, dry towel, roll up and press to release moisture. You can then re-shape and lay the jumper flat to air dry naturally. Do not hang the jumper to dry as this can stretch the fabric.

Step 4 - Once dry, we recommend folding your cashmere jumper and storing in a drawer. Avoid hanging cashmere as this can distort and stretch the fibres, which will result in the garment losing it's shape.

Why Does Cashmere Pill?

Cashmere jumpers, regardless of their quality, will naturally pill over the course of wearing or cleaning them. Pilling is the bobbling effect that occurs when fibres become knotted together. It is caused by friction during wear or by the build up of static electricity underneath other garments. You cannot prevent pills from occurring, but you can reduce pilling to a minimum. Washing the jumper inside out, by hand, using a gentle cashmere wash will help. Pills can be removed very easily, however. Simply hold the garment flat and use a cashmere comb or razor to shave them off.

Now that you know how to look after your men's cashmere jumper, take a look at what we have in stock today!

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