The Art of Layering Menswear

Are you baffled by talk of 'layering'' in menswear? Put simply, layering is nothing more than combining layers of clothing so that it functions properly i.e. protects you from the elements, allows you to move and is comfortable. The main function of layering is to keep you warm. When it comes to mastering the art of layering, it is important to get the basics right.

One of the first rules to follow when layering is 'thin to thick'. This means that when you are putting together a look, the pieces you layer should get thicker and heavier as you progress outwards. This technique ensures that the most lightweight, breathable garments are closer to your skin, and the more durable pieces are protecting you from the elements. It also allows you to remove or add layers easily, controlling your body temperature in the process.

Tran-seasonal Layering

The seasons are transitioning, and so must our wardrobes. It can be difficult at this time of year to dress for the weather and the simple solution is to be prepared for anything. If you create an outfit with multiple layers you can add or remove clothing as the temperature changes. All of the pieces should work together and separately. Here are some tips on how to layer effectively.

Rules of Layering

- Always wear thinner layers first: The closer to the clothing to your skin, the thinner the layer should be. You should start with items such as a polo-shirt, cotton t-shirt or a formal shirt and then layer over these with heavier items such as a sleeveless jumper, sweatshirt or jacket. By keeping the inner layers fitted you will ensure your outfit doesn't look too bulky. .

- Each layer should work individually: The main function of layering is to be able to add or remove items if the temperature changes. Your look should work each time you add or remove an item. No matter what outfit you create, there will undoubtedly come a time when it becomes too warm for all your layers; if you haven't considered how your ensemble breaks down and whether or not the pieces work individually, it could spoil the entire look.

- Mix in some colour: Don't be afraid to add some colour to your outfit. For the less confident, confining colours to your under layers will help soften their impact due to the top layers only exposing part of the garment.

Our Layering Tips

Base layer: A cotton base is key for comfort. Our 100% cotton t-shirts are a perfect base for layering as they are soft and breathable.
Middle layer: A fine-knit jumper is perfect as the closeness of the knit helps retain heat in winter and keeps you cool in the summer months.
Outer layer: Why not smarten up your look with a Tweed jacket, the robust, hard-wearing fabric is ideal for an outer layer and is easily removed.

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