Joseph Turner Trusted Partners

Below are a list of the partners we work with and an explanation of how they use our data.

When we send out offers and catalogues via post, we need to ensure that the data we mail to is as accurate and up to date as possible and does not contain any duplication (we do not want to send mailings to old addresses and we want to ensure we only send one mail piece per household). Our partner companies involved in this process are listed below:

UK & US Customers:

The Mailshop

Go Direct

GBG Group

US Customers Only:


In order to ensure that you receive offers and information from us that is most relevant to you, we use partner companies to process your data and to help us identify the areas you are most interested in. The companies we use to process data are listed below:

UK & US Customers:

Remarkable Commerce – provide a secure eCommerce website that sends order data and customer updates through to our database.

HHGi – provide a marketing database to enable us to understand our customer’s buying patterns and responses to online and offline marketing campaigns, so that we can better tailor our products to our customers.

US Customers Only:

Peachtree – profiles and segments data to ensure that you receive offers and information from us that are most relevant to you.

We work with several trusted partners who manage the interests of a number of participating retailers and charities. These participants are active in the clothing, collectables, food & wine, gardening, gadgets & entertainment, health & beauty, household goods, home interiors categories and charity sectors. They share information on what their customers buy. The companies analyse this pooled information to help the retailers understand consumers’ wider buying patterns. From this information, retailers can tailor their communications, sending people suitable offers that should be of interest to them, based on what they like to buy. The companies we use for this purpose are listed below:

UK Customers:




US Customers:





Click here to watch a video explaining the value of sharing your data.

We use the services of third parties to collect and use anonymous information about your visits to and interactions with our website using technologies, such as cookies, to personalise advertisements for goods and services. The companies we use for this purpose are listed below:




In order to ensure that your payments are safe and secure we use SagePay, Europe’s leading independent payment service provider (PSP) and one of the most trusted payment brands.

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