Men’s Wool Jumpers Stand the Test of Time

Knitwear has been a staple part of our wardrobes for a long time. Men’s wool jumpers are considered a must for the winter months and remain a firm favourite whatever the current trends.

Since the start of humanity, we as a species have looked around us for mkshstbgr_1inspiration to clothe ourselves, first using natural materials and then, as our knowledge and skill increased, a range of man-made fibres. Knitting is one of the very oldest methods of fashioning clothes and is still to this day an extremely popular and useful pastime, although of course the majority of our knitwear is now machine-weaved. Today we are lucky enough to have access to a vast array of exotic yarns to choose from, so the scope for men’s wool jumpers is limitless.

Knitting is a simple skill which does not necessarily require heavy equipment. It is this which has kept the art of knitting alive from as far back as the third century. In the fifth century, the skill became popular around Europe, and over the years a variety of styles were established, including stocking stitch, knots and cables. In 1268, the Guild of Knitters was founded in Paris.

blue-shetland-1The 14th century saw knitting depicted in paintings, and in Europe knitting became a popular way to domestically produce everyday items such as socks. Britain and Scandinavia began to use yarn to produce men’s wool jumpers, especially for fishermen and seafarers. Patterns and colours were used to create individual pieces unique to particular locations and families.

It was the 16th century when the first knitting machines were used. These first created a very fine lacy knit, used for undergarments, stockings and other accessories. Since this time, knitwear has steadily grown in popularity, and the sheer variety of products available is huge. The commercial growth of the knitwear industry benefited from the Industrial Revolution and the invention of a number of new techniques, including the circular knitting loom in 1816. In addition, fashion magazines became popular across Europe, which meant new designs and methods were promoted.

Today fashionable outerwear, including men’s wool jumpers, is an integral aspect of the fashion industry. Considering the rich history enjoyed by the industry, it looks unlikely that knitwear will ever lose its appeal.

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