A Guide to Men’s Formal Shirts

Men’s formal shirts are extremely versatile and can be adapted to almost any situation. For smarter occasions, you canMSEEBS_1 team with a silk tie, a classic blazer and a pair of pleated chinos. Alternatively, wear with an open collar and a pair of jeans for a laid back look perfect for the weekend. However you style your shirt, there are a few things you will need to consider. Follow the simple tips below to help find the perfect formal shirt for you.



Many men make the mistake of buying the wrong size shirt. Men’s formal shirts are normally sold by collar size which can range from 15″ up to “19 with a range of different sleeve lengths.

To find your size, measure around your neck where the collar would normally sit, allowing room for one or two fingers to be inserted between the tape measure and your neck (depending how loose you like to wear your collar). For the sleeve, take one of your well-fitting shirts and, with the back facing you, measure from the centre of the collar to the shoulder seam and along the sleeve to the end of the cuff.

To ensure your shirt fits correctly, check the following:

-Are you able to move your arms comfortably and freely? The shirt should not pull between the shoulders.

-Do the cuffs sit just under the wrist with your arms down by your sides?


Patterns and Colours

Many offices require a strict dress code of formal suits and shirts in conservative colours.

However, while the more traditional plain colours remain popular for job interviews and formal meetings, increasing numbers of men are now choosing to liven up their work wear with more colourful yellows, purples and pinks. In addition, while a section of solid coloured shirts is a work-wear wardrobe essential, there are occasions when it is appropriate to choose something a little more individual, such as checks or stripes, alongside a matching tie.





Is a Tie Always Required?

The simple answer is no. A formal shirt, matched with a pair of good-quality leather shoes and formal suit or trousers, is usually smart enough for the majority of formal events. However, it is best to assess each event individually and tailor your outfit accordingly. For example, it may be more appropriate to wear a tie when attending a job interview. At Joseph Turner, we have a wide range of ties that match our men’s formal shirts perfectly.


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