5 Reasons to Embrace Casual Wear

At Joseph Turner we love the classic country style. Our heavyweight corduroys,SM-Polo-Aqua  luxurious tweed jackets and timeless brushed cotton Tattersall check shirts all remain steadfast favourites of our customers. However, as with everything in life, change can be a welcome refresher, and this applies to style as much as anything else.


So here are our top 5 reasons to embrace the casual look this season:


Welcome the Summer: We may not have had much yet this year, but casual clothing and sunshine go hand-in-hand. Warmer temperatures demand cooler more laid back attitude to clothing. Think ruffled linen shirts and cotton shorts.


Stay Smart: Casual wear should never be confused with (or an excuse for) looking scruffy. Chinos paired with a classic polo shirt and pulled together with a sporty polo belt illustrates this perfectly.


SM-Mens_Dark_Pink_Button_Neck_SweatshirtBe Bold: Country wear tends towards rich, earthy, autumnal hues – olive, khaki, burgundy, mustard. In contrast, one of the best things about casual wear is that it allows you to experiment with bolder, more vibrant colours. Aqua, magenta, teal and cornflower all come into their own when set against blue skies.


Pure Comfort: In terms of comfort, casual wear certainly has the edge and the sweatshirt is king. Undeniably cosy and laid back, the sweatshirt is unrivalled as the most easy-to-wear, relaxed item of clothing in any gentleman’s wardrobe


Wardrobe Refresh: Sticking to the same style day in day out can become a little tedious. Adding some staple casual pieces to your wardrobe can inject a bit of freshness and energy into your style.


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